Module 1, Week 10

Week 10 – Workshop challenge

How can typographic conventions and design inform and imbue the meaning of a given text? Firstly, when looking into typographic conventions and design I came across a lot of "shaped" typography - where the words form a shape which directly links to the meaning of the text or poem. For me, this is the most… Continue reading Week 10 – Workshop challenge

Module 1, Week 3

Week 3: D&AD Awards (Synopsis and Editorial Review)

I wanted to create an editorial review which reflected the ways in which I now access new designs. I am trying to break through this by networking around York with other designers and agencies but I have been most connected so far through Instagram. I felt I had to demonstrate this in some way and… Continue reading Week 3: D&AD Awards (Synopsis and Editorial Review)

Module 1, Week 3

Week 3: NONFORMAT: Drawn Here (And There)

"Just throw water on him..."Jon Forss - NonFormat This was such an interesting insight into a design agency who's principles are basically "do whatever you fancy doing". With the two designers living in completely different time zones it taught me a lot about their work processes and how a business can function on opposite sides… Continue reading Week 3: NONFORMAT: Drawn Here (And There)