Module 1, Week 8

Week 8 – Workshop Challenge

I loved hearing Sam Winston talking about how he sees getting new ideas as nourishment - similar to Laura Gordon's webinar last week - to be able to force yourself to not think about the project actually means you end up coming up with the best ideas! Sam focuses on meditation and getting some alone… Continue reading Week 8 – Workshop Challenge

Module 1, Week 8

Week 8 – Side Hustles

This week looked at two questions: What would you like to be doing in your work that you're not? What side projects are you working on and how important are they? Regarding side projects, that's a tough one for me because I'm not in a job that's centered around design when I get a spare… Continue reading Week 8 – Side Hustles

Module 1, Week 3

Week 3: D&AD Awards (Synopsis and Editorial Review)

I wanted to create an editorial review which reflected the ways in which I now access new designs. I am trying to break through this by networking around York with other designers and agencies but I have been most connected so far through Instagram. I felt I had to demonstrate this in some way and… Continue reading Week 3: D&AD Awards (Synopsis and Editorial Review)

Module 1, Week 3

Week 3: NONFORMAT: Drawn Here (And There)

"Just throw water on him..."Jon Forss - NonFormat This was such an interesting insight into a design agency who's principles are basically "do whatever you fancy doing". With the two designers living in completely different time zones it taught me a lot about their work processes and how a business can function on opposite sides… Continue reading Week 3: NONFORMAT: Drawn Here (And There)

Module 1, Week 1

Week 1: Reflection

As soon as anything becomes too slick, we try to saw one leg off to unbalance it againLehni-Trub, cited in Shaughnessey, A. and Brook. T, (2009), Studio Culture: The Secret Life of Graphic Design This week saw us introducing ourselves with a very personal design piece that showcased our abilities and told our story so… Continue reading Week 1: Reflection