GDE720 - Week 6

GDE720 – Week 6 : Workshop Challenge

Create one image to represent both initial story concepts, using a variety of methods, which must be original and not sourced from the Internet or a third party.Write two short proposals with title, original image and a short 100-word synopsis (elevator pitch) about the concept of your article. Save as a PDF document and upload… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 6 : Workshop Challenge

GDE720 - Week 6

GDE720 – Week 6 : Research

Starting this week with ethnographic research, this term predominantely relates to the anthropological studies conducted for research purposes. Living amongst the inhabitants to fully immerse oneself in a culture and environment - it's the ultimate way to really understand how a certain culture or people live. Take Richard Mosse's DRC Infra series. This borders on… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 6 : Research