GDE750 - Week 18, Module 1

Week18 : Critical Report

This week I am aiming to complete my critical report in order to have the design and bibliography resolved by the end of next week. A lot of the design aspects of this project I will put on hold until I am able to have a completed report to reference to. Above is a screenshot… Continue reading Week18 : Critical Report

Module 1, Week 12

Week 12 : Workshop challenge – Speculative Design

This week has got me thinking about how speculative design can be used to transform our futures and to look at what we might be missing today that could affect the way we live. I recently have a Zoom debate with my family - one member mentioned that this virus could have been stopped if… Continue reading Week 12 : Workshop challenge – Speculative Design

Module 1, Week 11

Week 11 : Theory & Symbolism Behind a Message

This content heavy week is a fascinating insight into the hidden messages and semiotics within our cultures. Hosken's lecture inspired me to read Orwell's Politics in the English Language essay. Despite being written in 1946 it's more relevant now than ever before - this week's content couldn't be at a better time. We are now… Continue reading Week 11 : Theory & Symbolism Behind a Message