GDE720 - Week 10

GDE720 – Week 10 : Research

This week is a continuation from last week's socially motivated graphic design - addressing the social or political questions relating to our locality. It's about addressing and improving the way we live and identifying problems in our locality. This week we heard from Hefin Jones who discussed the ways we should go about engaging with… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 10 : Research

GDE720 - Week 9

GDE720 – Week 9 : Workshop Challenge

Task 1: Research three user-centred design processes or tools that can be used to discover a core need or problem e.g. customer journey maps, service safaris, a day in the life, cultural probe, double diamond.Select one process and write a short 100-word description to illustrate how it can be used to discover an insight or… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 9 : Workshop Challenge

GDE720 - Week 9

GDE720 – Week 9 : Research

A whole new brief - I'm quite excited about this one, I love the idea of Design for good. This week, however, we're looking into Service Design and the purpose behind the design process that take place. Service Design is centred around 5 objectives: User Centred DesignCo-Creative DesignSequencingEvidencingHolistic Each of these objectives offer a view… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 9 : Research

GDE720 - Week 7

GDE720 – Week 7 : Research

This week, it's content review, editting and reflection - I'm always so interested in the relationship between writer, designer, editor and publisher, all working together in harmony to achieve the outcome required for the audience. I found myself intently listening to Susanna's interview and it was really a fascinating insight into the development of writing… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 7 : Research

GDE720 - Week 6

GDE720 – Week 6 : Workshop Challenge

Create one image to represent both initial story concepts, using a variety of methods, which must be original and not sourced from the Internet or a third party.Write two short proposals with title, original image and a short 100-word synopsis (elevator pitch) about the concept of your article. Save as a PDF document and upload… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 6 : Workshop Challenge

GDE720 - Week 6

GDE720 – Week 6 : Research

Starting this week with ethnographic research, this term predominantely relates to the anthropological studies conducted for research purposes. Living amongst the inhabitants to fully immerse oneself in a culture and environment - it's the ultimate way to really understand how a certain culture or people live. Take Richard Mosse's DRC Infra series. This borders on… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 6 : Research