GDE750 Week 10

GDE750 – Week 10 : Developments Analyse the interviewDiscuss changes to project and plan based on this discussion and peer feedbackNext steps for Week 11 and 12 This week I had a fantastic conversation with John Stack and Dave Patten from The Science Museum Group's Digital team. I intended to go into this interview asking how I van develop my… Continue reading GDE750 – Week 10 : Developments

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Phase 3 : Research and Bibliography

In order to collate my research for this phase in one place, I will utilise this blog post for all research conducted in the next Phase (Phase 3, 4 weeks). I'm wanting to consider the psychology behind immersive experiences and utilise case studies of Climate Change Exhibitions which have had an impact on making a… Continue reading Phase 3 : Research and Bibliography

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GDE750 – Phase 2 Research&Bibliography

As I'll be conducting research throughout all of Phase 2 I want to link it all here and further develop on it in one space. My weekly developments are useful for keeping track of the progress, but I find having my research in one location makes accessibility easier for my own work. Research There's been… Continue reading GDE750 – Phase 2 Research&Bibliography