GDE750 - Week 21

Week21 : Hand-in 1

This is the first hand-in week and I can’t believe we’re here already!

Winnie gave me the following feedback on the Ideas Wall for my “nearly completed” critical draft:

I’ve included a short paragraph just outlining the exhibition and why I’ve decided to go down this route. I’ve also tried to tie in some of the information i go into more detail about, just to open up this idea. You can click the link below to access my critical draft:

My aims this week are the following:

  • Hand-in Critical Draft
  • Make strong headway on my Studio PDF
  • Video for the Immersion Exhibit
  • Video for whole project – need to confirm my path with this first.
  • Website creation and blog migration

I’ve been keeping my blog as up to date as possible throughout this process, so I’m happy with most of the critial reflection on here. There are a number of weeks that need addresing, either not enough information written or additional work required. I also want to complete a post-completion critical reflection of each Phase. This is mainly for my Studio Practice PDF – I need to ensure I not only reflect on the work completed during each phase and where this is leading me for the next phase, but be very critical in my analysis of the Phase as a whole.

  • What could have been done better?
  • Did I spend too long on one aspect?
  • Could I have improved my progression by changing something?
  • Do I need to consider this for the next project I do?

This sort of critical analysis is mainly for me, as a designer, as to how I can improve on my next project. I need to remember this project I’ve chosen is incredibly open-ended; I’m talking to YDW hopefully about progressing with this project for future Design Weeks and so it isn’t an open and shut case, this has progression for development and alterations.

This is also not the last project I’ll ever do, I will always develop, improve and reflect on my work and it’s a valuable tool to be able to critical analyse a project of this size this early in my career.

Well, number 1 is ticked off my list and the Critical Draft has been handed in. I didn’t want to waste more time on it, I’ve changed and amended it so much, I feel a lot better having handed it in so early in the week.

I’ve written out rough guides for my Studio Practice PDF to know where to put the work I’ve produced and in which order.

I’m going to stick with a simple structure, I’ve written all these blogs in week order and I think I will keep it that way. I really want to focus my attention on the double diamond approach by the Design Council. They offer really good advice for following the double diamond and include good definitions about each section.

My aim is to get all the information on each page and organised in a legible manner. I then want to ensure I have enough visual references for this PDF. I can then work on the design aspect of the PDF as, personally, the information is more important at this stage!


Ok – this has been a fairly new development for me. In order to make this project clear enough and to ensure understanding, I want to create videos for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, the Immersion exhibit would really benefit from a video with voiceover. I have enough graphics and 2D examples of the room layout, as well as some really powerful visual references. In order to create this video I will need to go through a step by step explanation of what is happening in each room and how this ties in with other aspects of the exhibit.

I also want to create a video for the project as whole – a sort of semi-advert for the exhibit, perhaps it will be really useful for feedback from industry professionals as it will explain the exhibit in a much more clear and visual manner.

Website creation and blog migration

I’ve been working on creating my website to showcase the project – I’ve decided to split the website into different areas for clarity, the different sections being the 4 exhibits I’m proposing:

I have decided to use Wix API to create my own theme, using the classic sans serif bold font for the headings H1 and simplistic sans serif paragraph and H2/3 fonts. You can access my website by clicking on their link.

For the front page, I will have the video of the whole exhibit, demonstrating the project as a whole, including the APP run through. I am excited with this website, as it’s a really nice, clear way of showing the work I’ve created and the blog will also be accessed through this website also.

Having everything in the same page will be very useful when it comes to showcasing my work – this isn’t a finalised, polished project, so to show progression AND final outputs will be really useful.


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