GDE730 - Week 10

Week 10 – Designer, Author, Maker

What a refreshing lecture - so honest and open about graphic designers and it's nice to break away from feeling like we're hemmed in to one specific role - that of a designer. We get so focussed on originality and creating something new and "wow" that we don't take a step back. It's reminiscent of… Continue reading Week 10 – Designer, Author, Maker

GDE730, GDE730 - Week 10

Week 10 – Workshop Challenge

annandaniel - Spanish Photographers / Architects I decided to look at two completely different "designers" for my case studies... Both are a bit off the wall but they represent everything I've just said. They both took a passion and turned it into something else - they both utilised their "side projects" to benefit themselves in… Continue reading Week 10 – Workshop Challenge