GDE720 - Week 7

GDE720 – Week 7 : Workshop Challenge

My initial research took me down a path of looking into York's history and the changes and developments to architecture along the way. However, the more I researched, the more I realised there are SO many books out there comparing York's past and York's old buildings. It's been done time and time again and it's… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 7 : Workshop Challenge

GDE720 - Week 7

GDE720 – Week 7 : Research

This week, it's content review, editting and reflection - I'm always so interested in the relationship between writer, designer, editor and publisher, all working together in harmony to achieve the outcome required for the audience. I found myself intently listening to Susanna's interview and it was really a fascinating insight into the development of writing… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 7 : Research