GDE720 - Week 7

GDE720 – Week 7 : Research

This week, it’s content review, editting and reflection – I’m always so interested in the relationship between writer, designer, editor and publisher, all working together in harmony to achieve the outcome required for the audience.

I found myself intently listening to Susanna’s interview and it was really a fascinating insight into the development of writing and the structure.

Angharad Leiws discussed the development of Graphik and the main thing I picked up on was how they write with the words in mind first, and design later, the words are the glue that hold the pieces together and they need to be the main priority. Research is key, both research into the subject matter and design research. Of course, many topics come from many sources so they need to fully immerse themselves to create an overall picture of the subject. Her research came from so many different areas for graphic design subjects; GD blogs, AIGA, Social Media – places where you find good graphic design but not necessarily created purely with GD in mind.

Of course, as we know, the structure and tone of the writing completely depends on the purpose for writing – why is it being written? Why is it being published and where? Is it an interview or is it something bigger?

Be aware of your theme and know it inside out but it’s absolutely ok for that to evolve and develop as the writing takes place – this is a gradual process and perhaps that’s what makes some writing totally interesting to read… It’s developing and growing. It needs pace and rhythm to grow to a crescendo but needs to be kept within the word count.

DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT – of course this week, we’re drafting our butts off, this is a 3000 word essay and it needs to be interesting to read, it needs to be relevant and it needs to be exciting. BUT you can’t just slam words down on a page and hope for the best, drafting is key.

Reading the resource material also really helped navigate this topic, Angharad’s book was a really interesting insight into starting this work with a modest plan, have an outline that’s editable, can be developed and can grow. And of course The Layout Book is a vital part to this process and one resource material I’ll be referring back to throughout all this. I need to now consider a narrative structure to develop the design of my work.

In the workshop challenge I’ll be exploring my ideas for this topic I’ve chosen – York has SUCH a vast history but I really want to nail down exactly what it is I’m writing about.


Lewis, A., (2016) So You Want to Publish a Magazine (Links to an external site.). London: Laurence King

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