GDE720 - Week 6

GDE720 – Week 6 : Workshop Challenge

  1. Create one image to represent both initial story concepts, using a variety of methods, which must be original and not sourced from the Internet or a third party.
  2. Write two short proposals with title, original image and a short 100-word synopsis (elevator pitch) about the concept of your article. Save as a PDF document and upload to your blog.

This week felt like a week to just dive in with a topic that makes me interested in this City – we have to write 3000 words about it so we need some personal interest for sure. Setting parameters such as using the City where we live is a tough one because our work previously has been so focussed on the local area – however it’s a useful parameter because of the research we’ve done into our local area so far. It’s not a prescriptive task as mentioned before, and, again, the openness of this project is quite overwhelming but exciting!

Now I live in a sleepy little village called Osbaldwick, and during the first two weeks of this module I felt like I was slightly scraping the barrel for creativity and history – granted this place is steeped in history but it’s not rich and diverse. So I decided, for this week, to branch out to my nearest City York where I work and spend a lot of my time. I’m only 3 miles away from York centre so it’s not hard for me to pop in especially during this lockdown, if needed.

I posted the following onto the Ideas Wall to see what thoughts and traction it would garner:

This is just initial thoughts upon listening to the lecture and reading the resource material.
Idea 1: I’m really interested in how York as a city has changed over the past 50 years. The developments of 60s office and apartment blocks eradicating historical buildings that Planning decided were of no use. Of course now being more conservation area, fewer buildings are being converted but there’s still properties that are hugely significant fixtures to this city that are being knocked down. I would love to do a photo essay on the developing nature of the city and the influx of modern buildings in such a small city, are we erasing this city’s historical nature by making room for our growing population?
Idea 2: York is crazy “haunted”, I looked at this a lot on a previous module but I might take a different spin on it. I’d love to see how these ghost stories have developed over time, where they came from and the truths behind the fiction… And how has it shaped the city? Do these stories just create the identity of York or enhance the historical beauty of this city? Who doesn’t love a good ghost story ey?
Feedback and thoughts very welcome – as before these are just thought dumps on here before I go into more depth! 

The following is a screen shot from the Ideas Wall:

This is really useful and all seemed really interested in the subject. I found the idea of lemon juice really interesting, this isn’t something I’ve done before so gives me a chance to experiment. I’m also really attracted to James’ thoughts, I was initially very drawn to the idea of a photo essay and I think it’s something that could be really powerful as a tribute to the historical “ghosts” of Yorks past in the sense of buildings forgotten or lost. For me, this is where I have more of a passion, I’ve studied the York ghosts before, and , despite it being a rich topic with a lot of information and fun myths, I feel I would get something more powerful out of the lost buildings. The experimentation with dual exposure also really appeals as it’s something I’ve experimented with before and would love to try it again.

So I guess now I need to create my elevator pitches for both, but hopefully simultaneously I can try to set them up so they become quite blended.

Pitch 1 : The Invisible : York

Combining historical stories and architectural amendments, The Invisible : York is a powerful exploration of this city as you’ve never seen it before. Follow the powerful, oving tales of each York street, recalling the vast changes and ever developing nature of a Protected Conservation City. With both emotive stories and rarely before seen images of Old York, you are encouraged to create your own opinion on the architectural changes throughout time. This keepsake book celebrates this beautiful City and retells the history of York in a new light.

Pitch 2 : Spectres of the City

York is a City of Ghosts… Spanning through the ages, this book looks to bring a new insight into our traditional ghost stories and the unknown pasts of these haunted beings. Through exciting exploration of the city, along with valuable insights from real life ghost experiences, you’ll be wandering amongst York’s longest standing residents, feeling their spirits around you as you seek to understand their history. By understanding where these ghosts are from, you will understand more of York and the buildings these ghosts occupy. We will speak to ghost experts and York citizens who have seen the ghosts come to life.

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