GDE730, GDE730 - Week 10

Week 10 – Workshop Challenge

annandaniel – Spanish Photographers / Architects

I decided to look at two completely different “designers” for my case studies… Both are a bit off the wall but they represent everything I’ve just said. They both took a passion and turned it into something else – they both utilised their “side projects” to benefit themselves in some way.

I have been following a photography duo for a while now on instagram – their work is so colourful, bright and focussed on architecture which is another love of mine. They started as architects initially and through their love of architecture, starting taking beautiful photographs as a collabrative side project. Through this, their joint venture was borne and they tell stories through their beautiful photography style. Using their background in architecture, they aim to bring people closer to the beauty that surrounds us but in a non-conventional way. This started as a side project for them, and still is (it’s not their main job).

Christopher Simmons – Designer @ MINE Studios.

Secondly, I have chosen a San Fransisco based designer who decided to overcome his creative block by eating burgers and rating them…

What I’ve found is that, if you look at the world both critically and with wonder, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. Every object, experience, relationship, environment, phrase—everything—has locked inside it an insight it wants to share. The trick is remembering to look for it.

Ok, hear me out… this is purely a side project with no intention for it to benefit his day to day work. At the end of each burger analysis he has a short paragraph stating any creative lessons he has learned along the way… A strange but wonderful flip on the “side project” idea – I think, like Craig Oldham mentioned, we can get far too bogged down in boundaries and “what we are” to not look outside the box and explore other avenues.

Is this still “authorship”? Can he claim this as his own?

Of course he can, it might not be conventional or a typical Graphic Design side project but it’s still his idea, it’s still his own process…

My 10 Ideas…

Unique Travel Guide – Still something I’d love to work on, something like Culture Trip but a bit more exciting and app-focussed – totally saturated market though!

Taking a book / film, and turning it into a beautiful booklet set breaking down the chapters or scenes in the film – a publication to make a long story or film more exciting!!

Blog to bring together or highlight amazing photographers and designers – could I focus it on Graduates too?

Maths for adults – a fun set of infographics with explanations for basic maths – after teaching my mum how to measure and calculate circumferences and radius using a plate and string! infographic series?

Similar to Craig Oldham – tapping in on my love for film – turning different props from films into something tangible and usable.

Interchangeable wall art set – crazy idea but could it be automated? App related?? Ways to create your own?? Wanted for months to create my own typographic artwork in each room with phrases me and my fiance say all the time but not got round to creating them yet. Could have some sort of electronic frame and upload your own phrases in a choice of fonts…??

Relating back to week 7 – global collaborative project for kids? “a digital tool for children to work on collaboratively – it could even be an opportunity for two schools from different countries to come together and create a piece of work in a collaborative, global environment….” – taken direct from Week 7 blog!

Community beehives and a related bee tracking app – people can volunteer to help look after the beehives and understand the plants needed year round to provide pollen… Could be a communtiy driven project?

Animals again – community birdhouses – another collaborative community design? Across the whole of York there are SO many pigeons (literally removed one with my hands from the shop yesterday, so far, no flea bites)… they’ve taken over the city so it’d be amazing to encourage smaller and less “city” birds

Ok so I know that’s only 9 – but literally 2 days ago I said “OMG yes I’ll put that in my list of 10” and I’ve completely forgotten it. Hoping it’ll come back to me soon 🙂

10. I remembered!! As I was in York the other day, I saw a really small ghost hunting group made up of both adults and kids. I checked on the app store and all the ghost hunting websites and there is no ghost hunting app for York!!!! Basically I think it’d be so much fun to have a Pokemon Go style ghost hunt for the city – you’d have to confirm your age and get age appropriate ghost stories – it can be for both locals and tourists…. more to follow over the next couple of weeks!


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