GDE730 - Week 9

Week 9 – Workshop Challenge

Sadly this week I’ve not had the time to follow through with one idea I had – that of a Designer as a plant – growing taller, shedding old leaves, roots growing further into the ground – demonstrating the journey we’d go on starting our own business. Taking on more skills, learning to let go of what’s not important and embedding our roots further into the ground to be able to take on more. In my mind, this was a really clear demonstration of all the above.

I therefore decided to take a more “linear” aspect to the workshop challenge and be less imaginative – not ideal but better suited to the time I had allocated this week. I used Premiere Pro to create a video of the flow chart I’d made. I took the most important words from the above blog post and linked them together to create 4 main arms of the designer. From there, they can continue to grow, develop and accept that it’s ok to let one part go if needed. I wanted something that could be added to, taken away and constantly changed.

We as designers aren’t stagnant – once we graduate this isn’t it, our ceiling is only as high as we make it…

Critical Reflection

Definitely frustrating week at not being able to have the time to create something I was planning in my mind. However I feel I’ve been able to really develop and demonstrate exactly what I feel makes a designer within the business world today. I felt there were too many aspects to this that I couldn’t just ignore and not include so perhaps this is too text heavy.

For future projects, I’m going to really focus on reducing the amount of text I put into an infographic or project and utilise this as a next step to really curate exactly what I want to tell in the most succinct and clear manner.

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