GDE750 - Week 22

Week22 : Progress

This week, my intention is to really focus on visuals and more graphics for my PDF – I realised in a recent webinar I didn’t have enough visuals and far too much research… Therefore my PDF was SO content heavy.

So I did a Hannah and I deleted it to start again. Perhaps not the best idea but I was strugging to sift through the amount of writing i’d done and on reflection it didn’t reflect this project well enough.

I’m therefore on extreme catch up to get this PDF up to scratch.

I really wanted to complete my videos – I think they really help reflect thwe project and the idea behind it without being complicated and using too many words.

My first focus was the Main Video – I see this as an advert for what I’m creating. I want to bring really powerful climate change videos and graphics together with bold, powerful words. I want to reflect the existing project identity I’ve been building over the past few weeks. this is predomonantely bold dark colours, powerful visuals and bold sans serif all caps font.

Above is my screenshot of the completed video – I didn’t have time during the video creations to take screenshots of my complete progress. Below is a link to the video:

On to the next video – for this, I wanted to showcase my Greenhouse project idea – I don’t have many visuals or renders for this one that I want to use in this video – I’ve used a lot of stock video footage but have used voice over as well as snippets of animal/jungle sounds that could be used during the exhibit:

Again, below is a screenshot of the complete premiere pro work:

And finally, the Immersion video – this is predominantely focussing on the flooding risk in York and I needed to use local footage for this. I reached out to a local reporter who had created some videos for the local newspaper – John was amazing and sent some footager through that he’d taken from the 2015 floods and it was PERFECT! He also directed me towards some interview clips for the BBC York piece that was shown on local TV. I used some snippets from these interviews as a focus section in the video highlighting the whole example of the exhibit.

Again, the screenshot of the Premiere Pro work:

This has been huge progress for me, and I will be uploading these videos onto the pages of my website – I will absolutely be using this website to promote my work to York Design Week for future projects.

Onwards with my PDF – I’ve decided on the following structure:

  • Background – covering all my research and case studies – I want to keep this relatively brief as most of my research is covered within this blog and is intense.
  • What’s missing – WHY am I creating this project and what’s it’s intended direction? I think here it’ll be important for me to highlight that this is very much a speculative project and a work in progress – it’s not completed and it’s not something I can demonstrate accurately and visually.
  • Outline of the project – here I’ll reflect on the research and how it took me in this direction. What steps took me here? Who did I speak to to help direct me? What’s involved in the project – breakdown the different aspects and a small outline
  • Immersion – explanation of this exhibit, WHY did I choose to go down this route for this exhibit and how could I imagine it panning out? Use my visuals and renders as examples and really break down my design process.
  • ANALYSIS OF IMMERSION – A big important aspect and not something I’ve done yet, I really want to reflect on and analyse what’s next for this exhibit – can it be done? What would be needed to make it a reality and do I really think it would work…. WHAT COULD BE DIFFERENT?
  • Greenhouse – my initial idea and something I’ve worked on quite a lot to understand the background and how it could work out. Why did I think about this initially? what was my main focus here? Include my visuals and the break down of the design process involved.
  • ANALYSIS OF GREENHOUSES – As above – could this work? what woud the downfalls be? What would be needed for it to be a reality and do I think it would work?
  • Sandbox – Breakdown of this idea, I’ve still not heard back from the Sand and Ice company but there’s still time. In the meantime, discuss how this could be displayed in York and where.
  • ANALYSIS of SANDBOX – again, as above.
  • AReality – What’s involved here? mention the APP I have touched on and explain this will be broken down further in the PDF. Why AR – what was my reasoning and do I have design examples I can include
  • ANALYSIS – What next?? Does AR really help? Where could it be taken further?
  • APP – Discuss why the App – what does it do to help? why does it help this project and what would be next if I was to make this a reality? – there’s a lot of design processing here and the wireframes I created. LINK TO THE VIDEO
  • ANALYSIS – What would work with this and do I think it was worthwhile considering the app?
  • Website creation – Granted this is for the MA but it’s also a huge part of the project – only when I started creating the website did I see this exhibition come together – show my design process and reasoning behind this – bold, sans serif all caps and colours.
  • ANALYSIS of website – WIP so improtant to acknowledge this… BUT it will be a vital part to my proposal and everything is in the same place here. My blog is on there and progression as well as completed ideas.
  • Finally, I want to discuss the project as a whole, referring back to the Double Diamond – really analyse my progression and where next… what oculd be different if I was to do this again – can I take this further? Analyse my own work too, be critical and make a list of things I can continue working on to improve my own work. ALSO, I can include here my own personal progression – where do I see myself heading next?

Hopefully this outline and plan will help keep my work succinct and clear – my previous PDF that I then deleted was WAY too waffly and unclear. I want this to be almost an advert for my project proposal.



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