Module 1, Week 9

Week 9 : Reflections

This week was really quite difficult for me. I started wanting to represent my city in a warm welcoming light.

The more I researched the more frustrated and angry I got at the world and the words we were all saying and repeating. I knew I needed to use these emotions in this week’s work but the question was how!

With different feedback and comments I became very confused about what I was producing and my initial idea not panning out as I’d expected I was back to the drawing board.

It’s such a difficult position, to be creating art around a political, racial issue and to not offend or upset anyone.
I’ve found this the hardest thing this week and, as much as I enjoy making a statement, I feel I need to learn more about political design before creating more pieces.

Political art can motivate people who share your view. It can provide an image to rally around. That is a powerful thing too…”

(Niemann – A Smile In The Mind)

Having discussed this further with my other coursemates I knew I needed to get out of the negative rut I was stuck in.

I experimented with just using the background I had created and using a clipping mask for the words. This was a great first step in going back to my original word “welcome”.

I’ve been inspired by contemporary artists using projections to convey a message and to be a public exhibition.

This week I also joined my photography group in looking at the amazing projection displays for the NHS during this crisis and I realised I need to use the negativity and turn it on it’s head. This city is one to be proud of and that needs illuminating…

Taking my work previously and not giving up on showing the message I want to convey has really helped me realise the symoblic potential of our projects.

I experimented with different lighting and layers to create an effect of the projection against the city walls (a historic, symbolic barrier to protect the city). Alongside this, in combining with the word “WELCOME” containing the original negative message, there is a natural juxtaposition there and the positivity stands out.

I love this final effect, for a week where I really felt overwhelmed by the messages I was reading in the media, it’s necessary for us to sometimes step back.

In stepping away from this project and coming back to it later, I realised I’m proud of this city and the strength we have found as a community.


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