Module 1, Week 3

Week 3: NONFORMAT: Drawn Here (And There)

“Just throw water on him…”

Jon Forss – NonFormat

This was such an interesting insight into a design agency who’s principles are basically “do whatever you fancy doing”. With the two designers living in completely different time zones it taught me a lot about their work processes and how a business can function on opposite sides of the world. It really is a testament to their relationship and how they built their company initially.

Having spent nearly 10 years working closely together in London they forged a bond that no air miles can get in between – their creativity is immense and they seem to bounce ideas off each other so easily. Their creations over the years have shown how they are able to use their history together to now work effectively. Using the different time zones to their advantage they basically now have a 17 hour working day between them. As Jon said, it’s as if you come in and little fairies have been working overnight on the project. For both of them this is an advantage, and with the additional time in the middle where they overlap they can connect their creativity and carry on. I think this just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, relationships can be upheld with just a bit of effort required. Of course, they had the grace of 10 years previously where they forged a strong business relationship but it could easily have gone sour very quickly when they moved away without this effort.

The above screenshot sows the available total working hours for this business.

I also had to point out the humour that is shown in all the work these guys produce. The quote at the top is from a photography shoot where they were warned the subject won’t move or smile or really interact – so they wondered what they could do to him to make him more interesting for the publication. The answer was water. The same humour is shown in their Barry 7s Connectors work for a record cover – the first one was perfect and the client was happy. The second, they tried to mix it up and make it more interesting but the client disliked it and wanted it to be his face. In an amazing little two fingers to the client, they produced a very narcissistic cover but with the clients face on the back. I was hugely inspired by these guys and their attitude to their work and the distance between them is really refreshing.

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