GDE750 Week 10

Week10: Interview

  • Analyse the interview
  • Discuss changes to project and plan based on this discussion and peer feedback
  • Next steps for Week 11 and 12

This week I had a fantastic conversation with John Stack and Dave Patten from The Science Museum Group’s Digital team. I intended to go into this interview asking how I van develop my idea further by making it more digital and more relevant to our existing environment. Of course, the first discussion revolved around the idea of using VR – scaling up and out and showing the landscape as it is now or wil be in the future. Utilising apps to encourage voting and promoting an individual impact which is what is needed from this exhibition.

The idea of greenhouses went down really well, and integraating augmented reality not VR into parts of the greenhouse with semi-transparent screens could be a really powerful way of showing the world outside and how it would change in the future. They also mentioned that it’s possible to have specific audio in certain places perhaps snippets of local news, or local environmentalists discussing a specfic area.

They mentioned for me to look at Somerset House – Interactive London and Paris Climate Science exhibitions as more inspiration.

Talking to both experts made me realise that no idea is out of the realms of possibility at the moment and they’re really encouraging more digital exhibitions.

HOWEVER, they did also mention that in order for this to be a successful project, I need to firmly clarify my learning outcomes – have maybe 2 or 3 at the top level and then break these down to further develop them. Also messages – We’re going to allow you to explore future climates. People experiencing this exhibition need to recognsie the message I’m putting across.

Towards the end, we also discussed how, as an exhibition, we can create this pathway for the user to experience – similar to Service Design, consider a train or pathway through the greenhouse the customer journey is vital here for telling a tory and having a rough flow through or trail will make this exhibition clearer and easier for me to describe.

There’s been real progress this week, and I recognise that I need to clarify my learning outcomes from this exhibition and really start to nail down some designs for the App, the Exhibition and continue working on my 5000 word essay…

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