GDE750 - Week 9

Week9: Visuals

This week, I’m aiming to collate my visual references and design thoughts, confirm questions for my interview with John Stack and look at drafting my Critical Draft and Personal Action Plan, however I may make separate blog posts for each of those to accurately track my progress so it’s all in one place…

As you can see, I’m making headway on the identity for this exhibition – I need to focus now on colour schemes and identity as well as imagery to use. I want this to be an exciting exhibition, that demonstrates the use of York and it’s locations, as well as highlighting the severity of the issue we are facing.

With regards to the exhibition itself, I’ve got a hell of a lot to learn about 3D rendering or creating example exhibition spaces – i’ve got an Oculus VR so I’m hoping I can learn a bit about creating indoor spaces through that, or taking inspiration from Matt Betts in Module 1 (or 2 i can’t remember) with his VR google tilt brush painting of a room you can walk through… I’m hoping to create visuals for one or two of the exhibition spaces so they can be easily visualised. I will also do a little trip around York taking images of the spaces that would be available and ideal for an exhibition such as this.

Back to app design – I’ve definitely been getting better as these two years have progressed but I want to creqate something really outstanding for this exhibition – a way finding app that shows the user where to go next in York (independently following the directions), an AR section so as they explore York, they can visualise the effects of climate change on certain different locations. And a BE THE CHANGE section where the user is answering prompts from different people’s perspectives (leader of a country, local councillor, business owner etc… This could encourage them to use these questions to direct them through this user journey and also make them aware of the challenges that face other people int he world when dealing with climate change.

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