GDE720 - Week 8

GDE720 – Week 8 : Workshop Challenge

I’ve really delved into the design side of this project this week and building on last week, I’m excited to immerse myself in this experiment.

I want to really utilise the characteristics of each street in what’s being said, it needs to be powerful and hard hitting and it needs to be very “in your face”. York has a traditional history of being very “quaint”, cobbled and quiet but it gets overlooked by the Council and local authorities, in the fact that they believe it’s doing ok and it good financially but the city is in fact in some quite deep shit debt-wise!

It’s that sort of problem that results in these big hotels being built in the city centre which are all carbon copies of each other, lacking imagination and acknowledgement to this city and it’s area. I’m aiming to achieve this bold hard hitting look with variations in the scale of type, to help perhaps represent the changes and amendments made to this cuty. With a monochromatic design and block shapes representing the buildings, I feel the Matt Wiley influences from last week will really start to take place.

I want images in the book BUT I want the type to be the priority, the images are just backing up and helping promote the history of the streets. I’m intending on using the below layouts to show how the type will be the bold priority here, the historical images to be very ghost like.

I’m also intending on using tracing paper as the main texture in this book, this is intentionally to create a hazy, ghost like feel to the book, but also means you can almost see through the entire book – lending itself to the feel that the history of this city is fading before our very eyes. And as you look through it, the type and images blend across one another, representing the changing face developing over time. It leads readers into a visual and my intention is to keep this book entirely a visual piece, used to stir emotions and draw the reader in.

As you can see from the above prototype, I experimented a lot with blurring and opacity, blending the layers together to create the tracing paper feel, but also keeping the words the priority. I’ve chosen to keep everything monochrome so the images again don’t over power the type. The type needs to sing, and I think in changing the scale and orientation of the type, it makes the author look closer to the book, focus intently on the words and then take a step back and view the piece as a whole.

I need to now work on creating the mockups in InDesign and then transfering them to this book mockup in order for it to be correctly laid out following a very structured style.

For the cover, I’ve always known I wanted something ghostly and representative of the meaning behind this book. Therefore either white or black cloth covers with the same colour ink will really create a powerful feeling and will give this book some substance which it will need to counteract the tracing paper pages.

I’d also like to experiment with a line drawing of the map of York, printed in the same colour across the whole cover, either embedded or in shiny foil press it’ll invite the read to touch and look closer at the book.

As you can see below, I experimented a lot with the embossing effects on the book cover and settled with this final design. I really enjoyed this and the experiment definitely paid off to create quite a striking powerful from cover:

Final Piece:

Funding and Future Use:

With regards to funding and future use, I’d definitely utilise the city physically to put forwards these opinions and feelings about the city. By either projecting the words from each street onto the shutters of the empty stores, or projections down the cobbled streets, it invited tourists and locals alike to read the words. I could also use a plain glass large stand in the middle of a pedestrian street with the words printed on, again so you can see right through the glass and down the street, reading the words created about this street.

I could even project images of the buildings as they were onto the new buildings now to really highlight how much the city has changed. It could even be angled for a history event in the City which happens a lot, or perhaps ghost nights or even an arts culture event. Projections and light festivals are very popular in the city so could easily be incorporated.

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