GDE720 - Week 4

GDE720 – Week 4 : Workshop Challenge

This week I am just full of different ideas for wha I could create – I often do this, and recognise this as a vital part of my design process now.

But, in order to sift the crap from the good, I need to really understand the different data visualisation styles I like and the validity of my ideas. By comparing other designers and visualisations I like, I’m able to look at the amount of information taken in, the way it’s been condensed and the changes they’ve made to the layout in order to make the visualisation appropriate.

Take, for example, McCandless’ design for Plane Crashes and reducing you chance of dying in a plane crash – quite a morbid subject and not one that you’d think about looking up… But it’s displayed in a really clear, honest and human manner.

He was evidently dealing with a high amount of data here and so displayed the results and his findings in multiple formats. From this, I’ve realised that it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one piece of design to show a whole massive topic, by splitting it down into the important sectors, we’re able to see and visualise this information much more clearly.

Another amazing piece of data visualisation is the above infographic about time travel in movies – He initially started with a straight timeline as we all recognise – but upon completing his design, he realised it wasn’t clear and couldn’t be viewed easily and with clarity. Therefore he created this wavy line, meaning we’re able to track the time travel jumps and the lines are clearer. I also love his addition of which film characters meet and when, as a little bit of fun fan fiction! To me, this also shows that we don’t have to go down the route of heavy, serious data sets – we can choose something fun and light hearted that might not be of any use to any one, but is a bit of a laugh.

I’ve had to write down all my ideas in a list here – I’d been scribbling them on the sides of my notebook whilst watcing the lecture and most of them are illegible…

  • Uptake of Yoga/Mindfulness in 2020 compared to reported stress levels
  • Truth behind documentaries – Upon research I found this had been done multiple times!
  • Film Stats – Comparisons between highest grossing films and Netflix releases
  • Mindhunter (Netflix becoming a bit of a running theme) – the “traits” that make a serial killer
  • FAOSTAT – Global food supply
  • Google searches or trends about the Pandemic
  • News Headlines on each day in 2020 vs most hashtagged/tweeted topic on the same day
  • Where does my cat go at night – attaching a neon glowstick to his collar and tracking his movements around the house… or is this bordering on animal abuse?

I also want to consider the manner in which my information is portrayed – I was always considering just the digital design route but I would love to utilise animation to make the topic speak.


Beautiful, I. is (n.d.). Reduce Your Chances of Dying in a Plane Crash. [online] Information is Beautiful. Available at: [Accessed 12 Feb. 2021].

Beautiful, I. is (n.d.). Timelines: Time travel in popular film and tv. [online] Information is Beautiful. Available at: [Accessed 12 Feb. 2021].

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