GDE730, GDE730 - Week 3

Week 3 : HAWRAF

This was a side research project sent to us from Alec. The resources on here were huge and insanely informative - we were tasked to pick 3 links from the docs that we find the most informative and useful. NDA Ok - so it never occured to me, if you're sharing studio space with another… Continue reading Week 3 : HAWRAF

GDE730, GDE730 - Week 2

Week 2 : Business models/Invoicing – Test&Rehearse

Personally this week has been a huge challenge - I knew, going into this module, that my lack of experience within a studio would hinder my progress. And when initially starting this brief I really panicked that my figures and costings would be a complete shot in the dark. But I went back over what… Continue reading Week 2 : Business models/Invoicing – Test&Rehearse