GDE730, GDE730 - Week 3

Week 3 : HAWRAF

This was a side research project sent to us from Alec. The resources on here were huge and insanely informative – we were tasked to pick 3 links from the docs that we find the most informative and useful.


Ok – so it never occured to me, if you’re sharing studio space with another artist, that they may over hear confidential information or ideas which could potentially be passed on, stolen or just super private for the client. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me, but of course my proposal for the studio is to also have around 5 shared studio areas for local artists or designers… therefore there may be a time they over hear something, accidentally read something or just nick an idea. The link to the doc is here.

It’s really something to consider and I know the title of the doc says it probably won’t hold up in court – but to have something like this in place is pretty vital. Also important to make clients feel better and more secure. Also, Saad Moosajee (the artist on the other side of the NDA) has some pretty impressive work!

Competitive Pricing

This company have been so, so thorough with the docs on here and this list was really enlightening. Granted this is for a much larger business and being New York based they have some pretty fab clients. However I found the amounts listed really useful for comparison – the cost for the ecommerce website taking around 10-12 weeks and budgetting around $70-150k seems mad to me but it was obviously a big client and a big job. It’s pretty clear how they structured their timings and pricings and, personally, is a really good insight into how a company budgets jobs. (Bear in mind the title of the page is about costings they totally didn’t follow!!)

Complete Project Pricing

So this was a hugely informative list – not just because of how amazingly clear it is (days, weeks, $$$ per day etc) but also the comparison of pricings from startups and larger companies. Also, when completing last week’s proposal, I was so concious about getting the costings per day correct when actually, HAWRAF ranges between $4.58 – $4305.88 – Can’t quite get my head around this but I’m assuming it’s based on the company sizes and amount of work required. Yaaas, super useful.

Just for fun – literally

Ok so I know we were only asked to pick 3 links bt I couldn’t resist this one… Probably could have spent longer reading their 100 page business plan which was sooooo full of useful information and for sure something I’ll be referring back to. But, personally, this link just showed how well they worked together and obviously how they just totally had huge aspirations!! It’s also such a funny read! I think it’s also super necessary for companies such as this to get together and discuss what they want to work on – even if it is Beyonce. Because it means the partners are getting together, dicsussing the future of the business and looking at positive ways they could move forward – also it keeps them fresh on the direction of the company. I know this task was obviously a bit of fun but I found it really interesting reading the descriptions of WHY they want to work with that company…

Also, who wouldn’t want to have NASA on their client list…

30Teen Voguegood ethos, strong brand voice, supports young womenCarly

13Ghetto Film SchoolReally admire their organization would be cool to work together in some capacityAndrew

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