GDE720 - Week 2

GDE720 – Week 2 : Workshop Challenge

As can be seen by the previous blog post, before starting this week I wanted to fully understand the history of my village and be able to succintly create a list of words that I feel demonstrate the history and future progression of Osbaldwick. MedievalSustainableGreenWater / bridgesLess funding - faded paintwork / wooden signs The… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 2 : Workshop Challenge

GDE720 - Week 2

GDE720 – Week 2 : Research

This week we're taking our research and recordings from the previous week to begin creating an illustrative typography for our local area taking into account history, social context and the future of the area. For me, I wanted to initially sit down and think about the "personality" of the village from the recordings I took… Continue reading GDE720 – Week 2 : Research

GDE740 - Week 12

Week 12 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

Outcome and Ambition – How successful was my project outcome? Did my final delivery successfully reach my target audience? What could I have done differently? What did I learn through this process? Following our research into project evaluations and analysing the success or failure of a project, I've written some initial questions for my presentation which… Continue reading Week 12 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

GDE740 - Week 10

Week 10 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

This week, it's my aim to really spend time working on the app that is accompanying the subscription box. I've been looking into fonts for apps - I'd initially used Lobster and Krub fonts as these were well matched in terms of aesthetic. However, upon further research I realised that Lobster was perhaps to flamboyant… Continue reading Week 10 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection