GDE750 - Week 5

Phase2: Objectives

  • clarity around assessments and when due
  • look into zotero

Objectives for Phase 2

This is where this project seems to step up a notch but I’m ready for it and it’s quite exciting!

Viability testing – is our project viable? Is it looking like it could be successful and why? The only thing that stands out here is that we have to finely balance our research and literature review with quite a hefty amount of testing and networking which could become tricky.

I’ve decided to try and plan this phase as much as possible :

Wk 5 – Open up lines of communication with noted specialists and designers. Utilise the reference material that helps with assessing your own research and moving it on to the next level – how can I take this new information to help the project progress?

Wk 6 – Begin to plan the logistics carefully and look at what resources I may need during this phase. Continue the conversations with specialists

Wk 7 – Start to plan the presentation and consider the information I’m missing for it. Begin to build the A4 written draft literature review. Garner feedback from the specialists.

Wk 8 – tie up the Report/outline plan and refine critical path further. Create the presentation and complete the literature review.

Formative Outputs for Phase 2

  • Report outline / plan is to be refined, and logistics of running your studio, practice-based project must be defined (project management) as two A4 text documents
  • Experimental work and testing for your Studio Practice should be clearly presented and peer reviewed by a relevant external critic of your finding (creative directors, design studios, writers, journalists from within or beyond the subject), as befits the needs of the area of your proposal.
  • a two-minute case study of your final project (both practice and critical report), peer reviewed by an industry specialist. You must find your own industry specialist and include a quote / soundbite of feedback from them in your presentation for the panel in the Case Study Panel Review Webinar.
  • In addition to the case study presentation, you need to create a section on your blog for an ongoing literature review that has academic integrity, a bibliography, a clear structure and role of appropriate histories and theories that contextualise and support your idea. An ongoing archive area for your research sources using Falmouth University Harvard ReferencingLinks to an external site..
  • Or if you are writing a business orientated essay / report, make sure you integrate relevant market intel and data to support the positioning and viability of your project.
  • All outputs to be clearly documented on your blogs, with evidence of active engagement with the Ideas Wall.

Literature Review

I’ll be looking at using Zotero to collate my resources and reference material to make access easier. I tend to have a hundred tabs open at once so it’d be good to have this information in one place.

I’ll also put this into a separate blog post so the references are clearly listed.

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