GDE750 - Week 12

Week12: Exhibition

  • Design developments
  • Development of written paper

Exhibition Design Development

Using sketchup, I’ve been able to create a rendered first draft of my greenhouse exhibition:

I started by creating a polygon shape on the ground level of sketchup, then proceeded to bring this shape up by building arcs over the top. By joining the edges of the arcs together, I was able to create this geodesic dome shape.

I then proceeded to fill the geodome with the available 3D plants, shrubs and ground covering – opting for a brown, dried bark covering rather than grass – purely to highlight the dryness of the ground when a heatwave occurs.

I then followed this by installing glass panes in the dome, with the base layer of frames demonstrating water levels – this is purely a practice dome but my intention is to increase the water level being projected onto the lower glass level with each change in years.

This will be backed by scientific research as closely as possible, but also allowing for creative flexibility to ensure this immersive environment achieves the right goal.

My intention, after the rendering is complete, is to analyse the changes I need to make and places to improve. Next week’s job is to create other geodesic domes in the same area, improve the environment space to ensure the render feels more realistic, and hopefully do the same on a more simplified level for the other exhibition examples.

Written Draft

I am also making steady progress with my research paper – I have had to stop myself over researching as I found I spent too much time researching and taking quotes, and not enough time writing.

I am hoping to put this onto the ideas wall next week.

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