GDE750 - Week 8

Week8: Case Study

This week we’re presenting our ideas and case study to a panel of experts – it’s quite exciting getting this opportunity as it helps refine our ideas and make the necessary changes to our projects.

My PDF slides can be seen below:

I struggled with the presenting aspects of this case study, as we had to share our screen and therefore I couldn’t see the faces of the panel, which meant I think I waffled on for too long…

My feedback was quite mixed – not that it’s a bad idea, jsut that my research question and general project need refining. I’m still really struggling with refining my research question and I specifically asked for help with this during the case study.

Celine mentioned that I should perhaps look at just York locally and consider the flooding aspect – I think this is a good idea but then it moves the whole project away from the impact of greenhouses and “feeling” the temperature and more towards flooding. I need to narrow down the question and look at who my audience will be.

It was also mentioned that I should consider my role in this project – am I a curator? Am I the designer where I produce the contents? What will I have in the exhibition? Will there be posters or voice overs?

She mentioned also that it’s a kind of “dystopian idea” which could be really interesting and is something I fancy looking into more. Considering speculative questioning or making it more “sci-fi”…

This feedback is great but it’s left me with more questions and I feel like it’s opened up my Double Diamond approach when I was beginning to really narrow it down.

I’ve definitely got my research in terms of Climate Change down and I’m enjoying having chats with many different people in different fields.

I have spoken to David Diston who is the University of York’s direct contact for COP26 and he was fully of ideas. I’ve recorded the conversation and will upload this in due course. He put me in touch with number of other people at the University who I have since emailed and hope to catch up with soon.

I’ve also emailed John Stack at the Science Museum – he’s the digital director there and I have a feeling he can help me understand the ambitious potential of this project – in terms of the “sci-fi” or speculative aspect, i think he could really help!

This week hasn’t been an easy one as I’ve felt since the case study I’ve lost confidence in this project. I need to remember that my idea has caught the interest of a number of people now, and it’s a powerful and exciting exhibition…

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