GDE750 - Week 7

GDE750 – Week 7 : Developments

  • progression with question and 2 page project brief
  • amendments to be made to the project based on feedback from week 4/5
  • look at previous studios or designers we’ve studied in other modules – can any of these contacts help me regarding exhibition creation? Make a list
  • create the proposal and basic layout or exhibition plan and send to contacts if they can help??
  • Look into creating the case study video

My developments with both the research question and my project brief sort of run side by side – in developing and refining my research question, my project brief is developing too.

My feedback for the question and brief was that it was too ambitious and not focused enough. Which I get and I understand, but with it being quite a speculative brief now, I feel the ambition can absolutely be there, I just need to make sure my ambition is also achievable.

Firstly, I need to work backwards – I KNOW I want an exhibition space, an collecion of greenhouses interconnected with small exhibition spaces. In my mind it’s similar to the drawing below, a very rough example of how I would imagine the journey to be for the clients attending.

AT THE END OF THE EXHIBITION, I want a Call To Action – and, in standard ambitious-Hannah-Manner, I’d love to have an app that the person downloads at the end of the exhibiton – if it’s powerful enough, this app could be a really useful way to help people understand how they can help on a personal, local and governmental level. It’s a way for people to see that their own small actions matter, and they can get involved in petitions or future demonstrations to encourage change within the local Council or Government. It could include a diary with local events to them – river side cleans, tree planting events, wildflower seed throwing… perhaps even a two week zero-waste challenge.

If not an app, then perhaps I create a website that is very similar that the person scans onto and it has links and guidance to help….. OR PERHAPS BOTH 🙂

I want people to realise the potential future threat to ourselves, our generations and our locality if we continue on the same trajectory.

IN THE GREENHOUSES, I’d love to see accurate high temperatures within the three greenhouses, plants that would exist or cease to exist with these temperatures, sounds that would change – prompt questions “what can you no longer hear” “what is different to the outside currently” “is there anything you’re missing” etc.

IN BETWEEN GREENHOUSES I’d like to see a smaller exhibition space, leading the person through the journey to the next output… Perhaps local displays, areas of York that would be underwater, the future of our travel in York, things that would have been destroyed because of climate change etc. Perhaps voice over interviews with children / climate activists / researchers – I think the voice over would have a very powerful effect on the person.

I know, it’s ambitious, and there might be a chance that I’m not able to do all of these things, but in knowing that I will be creating a smaller and less ambitious exhibition with York Design Week, I’ve got so much to work on already and I know what could be achieved.

I need to reflect all of this in my project brief and use this to develop my research question:

Research Question:

Ok, so I know the following:

  • I want to explore the relationship between graphic design and climate change activism.
  • I want to encourage people to become activists in their own way
  • How we can use graphic design to connect people to future predictions in a tangible and real way
  • The relationship between someone exploring something real and palpable, and making a change

It’s such a tricky thing to do here, I know what I want my outcome to be, and it’ll surely develop and change along the way, but I’m struggling to nail down this question… Anything I keep thinking of seems just as vague and loose as the previous question.

This isn’t something that’s going to come easy to me and I don’t know how to refine my question…

How can immersive storytelling bring Climate Change facts to life in order to provoke change within a local community?

By utilising immersive design, how can we realise the future threat of climate change to our local and national landscapes?

Neither of these particularly demonstrate the exact aim of this project so i’ll keep working on developing these…

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