GDE720 - Week 11

GDE720 – Week 11 : Research

It was quite a small week on the lecture and research front but it was full of valuable information. It’s also an eye opener into what we’re doing this week – hopefully getting to really interact and work with others on our course which is exciting!

Our question this week from the lecture is how can global thinking be deployed to solve an issue – I think when we’re so focussed on a problem or issue, it’s hard to realise it’s the same everywhere. I’ve found that in Week 10 on the ideas wall – SO many of the posts from all around the world were similar – I wrote down some of the issues we all seem to face collectively:

  • Pollution
  • Rubbish in rivers or roads
  • Empty shops
  • Obesity
  • Littering / Fly tipping
  • Homelessness
  • Crime / Hate Crime
  • Poverty

The list goes on, and the more people posted, the more I realised these issues are worldwide. They’re real and they affect us all. We see it all on a day to day basis and it leaves you feeling quite helpless.

But reading the interviews with George Lee, I really found myself wanting to know more. Codesign and collaborative design within social impact projects is vital – you can’t just sit there and try to change the world without experiencing it first hand. You can’t do it without acknowledging or immersing yourself in others lives of communities.

Of course the double diamond approach was discussed at length here and I thinkI’ve found over the past two weeks, I’ve been following this process almost unconciously! It works, and it’s about discovering, distilling, diverging to really fully understand the issue that you’re trying to focus on or creating the solution to. Test and define and keep on going back over what you’ve learned.

Radical change could be achieved more effectively using the power of design and creative thinking”

George Lee

I think this quote could be added to with the power of collaboration too and collective thinking. I think for radical change to occur, it needs support and it needs power behind it. Through incorporating new and dfferent insights, we’re encouraged to challenge our own thoughts or prejudgements behind our pre-existing beliefs. With social media algorithms nowadays, we’re not encouraged to look beyond what we already believe or know.

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