GDE740 - Week 11

Week 11 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

This week, I’ve been working on finalising my design and the subscription box in the first instance. This is a main factor of the product and needs to be right. I found in trying to do mock ups and renders of the box, it just didn’t show it in the best light – so I turned to my love of photography and took some pictures of the product demonstrating an example box. It was also important for me to show how easy it is to use, as a consumer. The product photographs are below:

It’s a really beautiful box and clearly shows the zero waste and compostable aspects that are so important here. I didn’t want this to be a predominantely Mental Health Improver, but this would be touched upon in advertising. It’s a main feature of the app which I will show below.

In terms of mental wellbeing, this product is aimed at everyone, not just people struggling with mental illness. And I think it’s important that it’s clear that gardening and horticulture in general can vastly improve mental wellbeing, even if you’re just having a crap day.

My app progression has really taken pace and I’ve uploded the demo here to demonstrate how this app would work. This has been a huge learning curve for me and I’m so proud of how it’s come out. Here is the link to the full Figma layout and design of the app.


I’ve been sending this product out to my target audience at each step and have been using their advice to make tweaks here and there. My idea is for next week to collate these responses and use these to show how I’d plan the next projection of the product. I’d also like to see how they feel i’ve used their feedback and valuable insights to help my work progress.

You can scroll through the feedback given here – I sadly didn’t hear back from the lovely gentleman who owns the nursery in York but I appreciate there’s a lot going on currently as he also sells Xmas trees!


The feedback was amazing to get, I was really doubting my potential at the beginning of this week and I think that made me in turn doubt all the work I was producing. To get such good feedback was lovely – I have been unable to get feedback from my peers because I am completing this after the due date (due to extenuating circumstances). This would have been my next step and could have been very useful.

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