GDE740 - Week 9

Week 9 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

Following my feedback last week, I acknowledge that my UI/UX design needs much more work. I love the subscription box and packaging design, but this process is designed to challenge me and I’m determined to really focus on the app.

I will continue to develop the box packaging to reflect the work on the app but I have confidence in my skills and ability within packaging design.

Packaging Design Development

The feedback on the box was mainly positive and the idea of simplicity and enviro-friendly being reflected in the box design really helps give this idea some substance. Overall, there’s not much to change currently but I decided to play about with some mock ups to give an idea of visualising the actual physical box:

As you can see, I really like the handwritten elements of the logo and branding. However, I struggled working out which line drawing to use. Personally, I really love the idea of having a different drawing on each monthly box to add to the exciting elements of this box. Something new each week would be quite a challenge however with packaging and purchasing when such a small company so would probably only be utilised when the subscription is a couple of years old!!

I played about with the placement of the logo and settled with a bottom left alignment – With the branch coming away from the side of the box it lends to the imagery of it growing out of the box (which is what this is all about).

When displayed like this I really love how it looks – it’s so simple, eco friendly and reflects the simplicity of the idea.

Now this I don’t like as much – I couldn’t edit the interior of the box to be kraft cardboard and it just doesn’t have as much of an eco vibe. I also find the illustrations on the side too busy and messy. I’ll give this another go with a better mock up so we can see inside easier.

App Design Development

Following the other app design I’d create, I decided to add some colours and experiment with styles. Personally I feel this is straying too far from the clean, minimalistic look of the who subscription box and my moodboards. I need to really refine the app and it’s style.

For me, this development is definitely cleaner and heading in the right direction, however it’s still clunky and not sleek enough. I approached a few of my target audience members just to continuously get feedback. One girl liked the colours and font better but said perhaps it won’t reflect so well on a phone. I’ve used Lobster Two font because I felt it needed some personality, but I haven’t considered how this works on an app which is a small screen and needs clarity. I really needed to speak to someone else and this has definitely made things easier to understand!

This is definitely heading in the right direction – a white clean background and the neat font of Krub is working against the green shades and the Lobster Two font. I am really enjoying the development of this app and am feeling encouraged to continue and really put some thought into my design changes.

I definitely think moving away from dark colours, heavy font and clunky design will help reflect the minimalism I want to portray with this app.

Also vital is the actual content – I want this to be accurate and correct because I know about this topic. I want it to be informative, fun and helpful. I have also been in contact with a mental health professional at York District Hospital and hopefully (if they are not too snowed under with Covid) will be able to answer my questions about how to create a simple mental health questionairre.

This whole brief is centred around mental health but I don’t want to create something that is a virtual therapist, there’s enough of those apps at the moment. I just want something to help people reconnect with themselves, take time out for some breathing exercises near their plants and recognise when they need to take time out for themselves.

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