GDE740 - Week 6

Week 6 – Workshop Challenge

  1. Develop a strategy and project plan for your selected project brief, to outline your objective, research, collaborators and aspiration for the final outcome. Utilise a variety of visual and written methods to support a full and innovative rationale for your project development.
  2. Upload your strategy and project plan to your blog and announce your intentions on the Ideas Wall.
  3. Create and voice record a five slide presentation to clearly articulate the rationale behind your strategy and project plan for your selected project brief.
  4. Your 5 slide voice recorded presentation can be created in the format of your choice (for example, a Keynote or Powerpoint slide presentation).
  5. Upload the final slide presentation to your blog

My intention is to utilise the research from the previous blog to start to understand the focus of this project. I’m also intending on researching methods of community therapy and solidarity through anonymity to define the outcome.

I have a set of interveiw questions for both the general public (family/friends/colleagues) and also for Mental Health Practitioners and Specialists at York Hospital as I have contacts there:

  • Have you personally been affected by the Pandemic and, if you don’t mind saying, how?
  • Have you struggled to come to terms with personal problems more this year?
  • Do you have a usual outlet for offloading when you have a problem or issue? Has this been affected by the pandemic?
  • What has helped give you perspective on this year and your own problems?
  • Do you think you could have benefitted from an anonymous outlet to offload problems?
  • How do you believe the pandemic has affected mental health directly?
  • Have you noticed a change in the way people are dealing with their problems?
  • Do you have any recommendations for how people could offload problems they have?
  • During your time through the pandemic, have you, personally, been affected?
  • When speaking to patients, have you struggled to achieve the same results when video calling as you would have face-to-face and why?
  • Do you believe this new format of online consultations will remain?

My intention is to speak to as many people as possible either face to face or online (in line with current restrictions obvs). I also really need to nail down my audience – my research has shown there is a big divide between 18-24year olds and 24+ adults. I think this will be my starting point, but as I’m intending on launching an online platform, it’d be remiss of me to narrow down the audience to such an extent, others aren’t able to use it or aren’t attracted to it.

My focus with this project is to utilise Post-It Note Therapy (something I’ve researched before and love the idea of). This has been used on Subway stations across America previously as a form of anonymous therapy via offloading and providing support and solidarity to others. This grew in popularity and it provided some really powerful responses (post-it notes have a small space to write in so result in more powerful words being used). It would be my intention, somehow, to create a website and app providing the same ability to anonymously offload and provide support for others. It’s all about providing support, positivity and the ability to get out your deepest darkest worries without being concerned about people knowing who you are.

5 Slide Presentation:

1 – Chosen Brief: I’ve chosen the Creative Conscience brief because it had immediately appealed to me with regards to the scope and potential. My focus for the outcome will revolve around the current Pandemic Situation and how we can help and support others in time of need. It will become an outlet for anonymously offloading and providing support, whilst also including pages with details of local help available.

2 – Research: My primary research will consist of speaking to family, friends and colleagues to assess how they have been affected by this year, whilst also speaking to mental health professionals at the hospital as I have a contact there. I want to gain a closer understanding of how people have felt about their own mental health this year and the support available. I have looked at current and previous mental health campaigns – predominantely the Mental Health Coalition which came about during the pandemic offering similar support to what I’m suggesting. A lot of secondary research will be involved in this, looking into Mental Health during the pandemic, the benefit of having a safe space to offload problems, the importance of anonymity within mental health and how a virtual space can become trustworthy.

3 – Project Plan and development: I am currently continuing research into Post-it note therapy which I came across in a previous task. This has been used on Subway stations across America previously as a form of anonymous therapy via offloading and providing support and solidarity to others. This grew in popularity and it provided some really powerful responses (post-it notes have a small space to write in so result in more powerful words being used). My campaign needs to be clear, easy to understand and use, and have a positive impact. It must have a direct focus on being a safe space to just get something off your mind, no matter how big or how small – the importance is on unloading your problems, not feeling like your issues aren’t worth the time.

4 – Audience: I’ve been a bit stuck here as this would be a safe space for people of any gender, age, race and class. It’s not something I can fully narrow down. However, during my research, it’s brought up a number of issues relating to how mental health in young adults between 18-24 has worsened over this past year – I think because of this, I will aim my focus to this age group.

5 – Projected Outcome: I think in direct response to the audience question, Social Media would be my biggest tool here in promoting the webpage. Ideally it would become a website offering not only a place to anonymously offload problems (on virtual post-it notes) but also with pages of help and support locally and, to reflect the target audience, an app to support the power of the campaign.

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