GDE740 - Week 1

Week 1 – Workshop Challenge & Reflection

Conspiracy Theories

Provide a balanced view of the most common conspiracy theories – create a series of Journals, each one about a different theory. Interview believers and get a good balanced argument about why they believe what they do. Take the different views and thoughts and lay it all out clearly with progression – show in date order the direction the theories took. Can be really well known eg JFK or UFOs etc but then also Flat Earth and so forth. Give the theorists a chance to have their voice heard and show extensive research into each one.

Imposter Syndrome

Something most creatives have to deal with – in an industry where our work is very much created for the public and in the public eye eg Insta etc. Provide help and progression for artists and creatives, in a clear and structured manner. For example these could be notebooks or scrapbooks guiding someone through the thought processes needed to get out of that mental state, similar to my Dice in Week 7. but helping artists/creatives to get past the constant negativity imposter syndrome causes and to get away from all the differing self-help online. Step away from the computer!

Mental Health and Wellbeing within Beauty industry

Assess and analyse the impact the constant bombardment of the beauty industry has on our mental health. Look into the adverts I am faced with everyday and analyse exactly how it makes me feel. Take these notes daily along with an example of the advert and use these notes and marketing to create a whole new series of beauty products – an alternative view of the beauty industry using my own words and reactions to the things I see on a daily basis. Reimagined in an honest way. Impact of Insta marketing and advertising on our mental health.


Taking what we see on a daily basis and how all our advertising, news, social media posts are censored or adapted for our personal interests. Perhas looking more into censorship – maybe reimagine a kids book but censored or censored illustrations. Or even take passages from well known childrens books that would no longer be acceptable. Perhaps take it further and look at children’s music or even popular music that we no longer hear because of their past eg Michael Jackson??

Chosen Project : Social Media

Project Question: Think of your self-initiated graphic design project as a question, that you will answer and respond to over the next four weeks.

Aim, Objective and Critical Context: Write a short summary to outline the intent of your self-initiated project and clarify what you plan to achieve.

Audience: Take time to identify and refine a specific target audience, as this will help focus your project

Anticipated final outcome – Consider a final outcome that is appropriate to your target audience.

As I continued with my research this week, I realised, as it was so rightly mentioned on my Ideas Wall post, that taking on the whole Beauty side of Insta isn’t achievable never mind in 4 weeks. So I spent a lot of time brainstorming how I can narrow down and really get some clarity on my final outcome and what I’m expecting from it.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to start an Instagram account based entirely around both women and men’s reactions and initial feelings to certain images etc on Instagram or other advertising. Not necessarily beauty based, but every day we’re faced with images of altered bodies, new products to make ourselves look better but, despite best efforts from the Social Media giants, these images are still being put in front of us every day. I block so many ads and other Insta accounts because it’s not what I want to see, yet the target marketing still recognises that I’m a girl in my late 20s, into fitness and buying clothes online, that’s all I get targeted with. Funnily enough, the most I do on my phone or online is look at things to buy my kitten yet I don’t get completely bombarded with nice cat pictures…

I know one more Insta account isn’t going to help the world, but it could help people to get their voice heard as to how they’re feeling when faced with images and products on a day to day basis. I want people to feel like their voice is being heard and is actively being put out there to give the companies who constantly produce this some accountability.

However, over 4 weeks, trying to create and upload words to an Insta account doesn’t do justice to what I could really do if I put my mind to it – therefore my plan is to consider this in the background and create it if I feel it adds to this project.

Therefore my final outcome will be the immediate reactions of both men and women of all ages to posts or pictures they see that make them question themselves or consider doing something differently. These words will be printed onto beauty product bottles and packaging as part of a whole display. As yet, I don’t know if I will be able to do this physically but I will certainly try my best. If not, I will digitally create this display as to how I imagine it would come across.

The audience focus would be predominantely women who use social media, this will most likely end up being women in their late teens, 20s and 30s, but I do also want it to appeal to all genders and ages as a piece of impact. To ensure my work is focussed however, I will target this towards females. This audience will be daily users of Social Media, active posters on Instagram and most probably working and commuting, thereby using their phones and social media on the way to work or on lunch breaks.


I think this project has direction and definitely a purpose – I really need to spend the next week assessing my own personal projection on to this project. Can it really be done? Am I biting off more than I can chew in 4 weeks? I also really want to utilise feedback and push my personal boundaries of being scared to ask for help or to ask someone what they think. That, for me will be the biggest push and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it!


Phillips, P (2004) Creating the perfect design brief: how to manage design for strategic advantage, (New York: Allworth Press)

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