Module 1, Week 1

Workshop Challenge Week 1: The Quadriptych

Who are you? With this project I had so many different questions about my own identity. I see myself predominantly as a photographer, this is how I communicate with the world. All these aspects are a part of me and, over the years, have defined my sense of self. I therefore couldn’t just focus on me as just one aspect but all the above. For this reason, I used a photograph of myself, with all my aspects carved out from this photograph. I chose a heavy sans serif font on a slant to look as if it’s moving across the screen – in a way representing how we have the ability to change over time.

What defines you as a Designer? Having only honed in on my Design Skills within the past year, I feel I have had a number of breakthroughs. One standout piece was my logo “Break The Mould”. I wanted to represent a designer I’ve long admired Kate Moross. The colours used and alternative way of approaching a project was a big change for me. I feel I branched out beyond branding or marketing and created something that was not only right for the client but also really tested me. I began to experiment with colour which I hadn’t really done before; it taught me I can do anything I put my mind to.

Where are you based and how does location inform your practice? I spent a lot of time trying out different things with this segment. I am based in York but should that define who I am as a designer? Surely places I’ve visited, been inspired by and cultural references have defined me more than my place in the world? Only upon watching Micheal C. Place talk about being based in the North did I come to realise that your location does influence you – massively so! I often look through my many photographs of places I have visited to draw on the inspiration and certain style that culture represents. York is quiet, fairly sleepy and (in my opinion) lacking in some serious creative flair!!! Perhaps I need to draw on this more, and bring out the abstract in a very traditional city…

Why Graphic Design? I always tell a story – be it through my photography, art or design work. I’ve always seen life through the lens of a camera but I’ve always focused on parts of the world that others don’t see – a small graffiti drawing, a funny store sign, an altered road sign. I know I’ve always been drawn to these small details because they’re the little imperfections that tell a magnificent story. I have a strong sense of humour and not only see the funny side of life but love to make others see it too. If my design can make one person’s life a little brighter then it was worth my time. I never want to stop seeing the beauty through the mundane. The world is in such a terrible state currently but we need to keep shining through and help this planet recover. Can we use humour and positivity to promote sustainability and make this place a little brighter for future generations?

I don’t care about the reasons why brands are doing this kind of project; I just love that this is the way we are working, and it’s good for society.

Conde, P. 2015 (cited in Price, J. and Yates, D., 2015, p. 165)

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