GDE730 - Week 9

Week 9 – Being an entrepreneur today

I had so many ideas this week and played about on After Effects and Premiere Pro for a while trying to get an idea of how best to display the research and info I’d collated this week.

I found the lecture gave us a really fantastic insight into Design Entrepreneurs today – to understand the sheer amount of time and work that goes into starting your own studio and business but the benefits that come from this.

I wanted to use this week to really go back over everything we’ve learnt so far, really dig into what I think makes an entrepreneur today as well as a Design Entrepreneur. We’ve covered so much over the past 9 weeks it’s so important to not let that information fall to one side when we start a new brief – it all flows into itself.

I know the final Brief project this week is to create an “artefact” or prototype of a future proposition – I’d be very interested in looking into a publication to help new graduates, I know, I know, so similar to Intern but I want to really explore how I could utilise this example on a more local scale rather than national scale.

So, in order to think about the above, I wanted to look at the designer as a whole – the different plates we all spin and the different aspects… they all link into one another, one designer may have more of one element than another but they’re all aspects that I personally feel are important to consider.

John Sinclair discussed using creative knowledge in the world of business – this is so important. To consider the creative side of what we do alongside the business industry. We are all creative in someway, have to be to get to this point – and it’s a valuable part of our ethics behind what we create. It’s our passion, it’s what we do and it’s what we love about what we do!

Storytelling & empathy was covered back in the early weeks of this module and has really stuck with me – we need empathy not just to understand our audiences but to run our own business too. When looking at collaborative working, it’s also a vital aspects and I feel a designer needs to be a “people person” to pitch and discuss ideas as a group.

Robin explained how hard work and perseverance is not something to be ignored – it needs to be accepted and acknowledged and when starting a new venture we need to accept it’s not going to be a walk in the park – it takes dedicated, time and effort. Without this, perhaps the passion isn’t there? We need to be adaptable – not just in changing our work following feedback but in the business world too. We need to ebb and flow with the current climate.

All case studies in the lecture showed business knowledge and understanding of how a business works – this really does need to be there. Even if you’re hiring a business manager to take most of this on, we still need the fundamental knowledge to take it on that first step forward. This module has really taught me that in every walk of life we need to understand and research into the foundations of what we’re doing.

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