GDE730 - Week 11

Week 11 – Revealing Gaps, Targets and Audiences for a New Product or Service Idea

This week, I’ve decided to choose my one idea from the list of 10 that gave me a buzz when i thought about it. It’s the kind of idea that you just think of when walking round a city and not really concentrating.

I’ved lived in York now for almost 10 years and I have never done a Ghost Tour or other major tourist activity. I think once you become a “local” to a place, you don’t tend to do those activites and just avoid or groan at the large groups of lost tourists. I think, especially in the current climate, it’s so vital to start pushing the amazing weird and wonderful aspects of this city.

Dan’s lecture made me really think about exactly what I want to get from this idea. When I get an idea I tend to run away with it and it becomes far more complex than it need be. Therefore I’ve decided that, although I have a thousand ideas for this app, I will stick to the main objective and focus on that. The other ideas could just become side additions later down the line, and something I’ll definitely acknowledge in the business proposition.

Dan covered the main questions we need to think about to gain clarity on an authorship project such as this. For me, this lecture went beyond the marketing techniques and tools he was suggesting, but it’s something that can relate to everything we do on a day to day basis. If we have an idea, follow through with it, plan it carefully, focus on the main objective and make that the focal point of what you’re doing.

I agree with a lot of our coursemates, the knowledge of marketing Dan has is amazing and he knows what he’s talking about. For now though, I need to focus on getting the finer details of this app nailed and then I can think about taking it further.

Firstly. Dan questions who the audience is, what do they want and what problems do they have? As ever, we are amazing problem solvers, that’s just what we do. But, as he went on to discuss, it’s more than just solving problems, it’s solving problems with no assumptions as to what they are capable of already… Something I hadn’t even thought of. I assume the audience know a bit about York already, I assume the audience speak English, I assume the audience know their way around the city… I need to address these assumptions and realign the app to flow with these thoughts.

I’ve also assumed that shops and businesses would jump at the chance to get involved but actually, in the current climate, will they?!? Will they want to become a part of a brand new app with no previous history of success? Will they want to be advertised on something that might not be fully representative of their brand? I, again, assume they will happily jump on board, all arms waving and excited about YAY something new. Not always the case and definitely NOT something I should assume without research.

What about the 30, 40, 50 year old ghost hunt tours that have huge success in the City and have just become a part of the culture here. Knowing late at night it’s not unusual to stagger, hog roast sandwich in hand, past some bloke dressed as Guy Fawkes after your night out. Was I wrong, then, to just jump head first with this app without consulting my competition? Or should I accept the competition, research into what’s missing with these tours, check out the online reviews and speak to people who have done the tours…. Again, to realign my assumptions I need to speak to people.

In terms of research, then, I’ve got a lot to do, a lot of people to speak with and a lot of understanding of the current market for an app like this.

I also want to sit down and really analyse exactly what I’m proposing, not just nail down the basics. I need to evaluate my SWOT analysis, competitors, obstacles and marketing. It’s not an easy task and it currently feels like a rather large paranormal mountain…

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